30 December 2011

Keynote 'IT Spring'

This is one of the keynotes I'll be doing at conferences in 2012, please get in touch if you're interested in engaging me.

Prague Spring in 1968, Arab Spring in 2011, IT Spring in 2012. Mark shares some provocative thoughts about the democratization of the user community and innovative use of social media. "So this application is your friend?" He also take a light-hearted look at the often troubled relationship between Business and IT, comparing it to the difficulties that some men and women have in communicating with each other. Creative visuals and video clips enhance this animated and thought-provoking presentation.
Insight into the power shift that's occurring
Innovative ideas about how to benefit from social media in IT Governance
Better understanding of people on the other side of the Great Business IT Divide
Guidance on how to interact more effectively
A smile on your face

"You made my day", said a conference attendee to Mark Smalley after a recent presentation. You couldn't give Mark a better compliment because his goal is to help IT people get a better grip on their current challenges and inspire and guide them on their way forward.

"I really enjoy hearing Mark speak. He brings humor and creativity to the traditionally dry topic of IT management. His content is incisive and insightful and he makes it palatable - what a combination!" - Rob England, The IT Skeptic, New Zealand

"Mark hits the nail on the head with sharp insights into relevant IT paradigms and tongue in cheek humor that delivers a serious message." - Paul Wilkinson, Director ABC@Work & Gaming Works, Netherlands

"Mark is probably the most competent public speaker in the ITSM realm, in terms of both content and form: knowledgeable, interesting and as a bonus usually funny." - Alexander Kist, Vice Chair itSMF International, Netherlands

"A truly inspirational speaker: guaranteed to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat." - Dr Robina Chatham, Author, speaker and founder of Robina Chatham Ltd, UK

"Mark is a dynamic speaker, but his knowledge and experience are even more impressive. I consider Mark to be a leader in the space of understanding and integrating development and operational IT frameworks." - David Cannon, Chairman of the International Executive Board at itSMF

"What an insightful and enjoyable speaker Mark is. His accurate metaphors and sharp observations on the IT culture form a very refreshing approach. He has it all: knowledge, creativity and vision!" - Riitta Raesma, Entrepreneur and Founding Partner at Sopima

Mark works as an IT Management Consultant and expert at the CTO Office at Capgemini in the Netherlands and is director of global promotion at the not-for-profit, vendor-independent ASL BiSL Foundation. He is specialized in Application Lifecycle Management and IT Governance. Mark lectures in Brussels, Hangzhou and Rotterdam. He has reached out to thousands of IT professionals and in 2010-2011 Mark spoke at 42 events in 14 countries on 4 continents.
Further details and publications at www.linkedin.com/in/marksmalley. Follow and engage with Mark on Twitter @marksmalley. Email: mark.smalley@aslbislfoundation.org.

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