02 December 2012

Service catalogues - the business perspective

From a business perspective, the following categories of IT services appeal to business managers in the sense that they fulfill a business need: 
  • Build or acquire, and then deploy functionality that supports the business processes (this is typically delivered in a project that combines applications, data, infrastructure and facilities to provide the required functionality) 
  • Ensure that the functionality is operational and fit for use (this addresses availability, performance, security, continuity etc. and the corrective en preventive maintenance that is needed to keep providing the current functionality)
  • Provide operational services such as providing a new user with access to the information systems (including supplying devices such as laptops and smartphones), running an IT function that is too technical for a user, e.g. a batch run, and supporting the users when queries and problems occur
  • Change the functionality when business processes change and to improve how current business processes are supported (often delivered in a new release, and executed in a project when the risks justify it) 
  • Advise about the consequences of proposed changes and which changes should be considered, and advise about longer-term choices, such as adoption of social media technology and when to replace an application
  • Decommission the functionality
More on this topic in my white paper 'Service catalogues - the business perspective'.

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