07 January 2013

Disruptive IT Paradigms (presentation synopsis)

IT Service Management (ITSM) has traditionally been based on such axiomatic truths as following well-defined processes, having sole ITSM providership  to the business, and being loosely coupled with adjoining IT disciplines like application development. However, increasingly disruptive forces such as the speed of business change, the value of information not only to survive but to succeed, and the commoditization and consumerization of IT are driving a rethink. Thinking is based on distinct concepts or thought patterns, often referred to as paradigms. Examples of dominant ITSM paradigms are incident/problem/change, demand-supply and service level agreements. But are these still relevant? Mark Smalley, the IT Paradigmologist, challenges the effectiveness of these and other traditional paradigms. He will introduce you to some of his own paradigms such as if-then-maybe and reboot-and-replace while also referencing paradigms from respected ITSM pundits. This presentation will provide you with a new vocabulary, if not new concepts, to help you analyse our changing world and prevent you from becoming disrupted.

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