20 February 2013

13 questions to assess Business Information Management Quality

Quality of information systems
·         Is the right information available to support the business processes?
·         Is there insight into the managerial improvement requirements for information systems?
·         Is the business using the potential of IT, e.g. social media, big data, BYOD?
·         Is the business using IT to achieve strategic goals?

Acquisition and management of  IT services
·         Is there insight into the costs of the information systems and whether they are normal?
·         Is there insight into the budget that is available for use and operation of information systems and for improvements (changes, projects, programmes)?
·         Is the right amount of time and money being spent on information (technology) – as opposed to other business assets?
·         Does the business manage their side of change to information systems effectively?
·         Has the business got the (delegation of) quality, cost and timeliness of IT services and projects under control?
·         Are adequate specifications for IT created?

Business use of information and IT
·         Are business employees getting the most out of the currently available information and information systems and using them efficiently?
·         Is operational interaction with IT effective and efficient?
·         Is there insight into (1) what the users think about the information systems and (2) their ‘bottom-up’ improvement requirements? 

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