20 March 2015


David Snowden

Olivia Fox Cabane: Build Your Personal Charisma

If Russ Ackoff had given a TED Talk...

Rorty on Truth
Truth & Relativism (Simon Blackburn)

Science Of Persuasion

Steven Pinker's guide to writing in the 21st century

Russ Roberts and Mike Munger on How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life

Ken Gergen talks about Social Constructionist Ideas, Theory and Practice

Michael Foley: This Extraordinary World

Nassim Nicholas Taleb on the Precautionary Principle and Genetically Modified Organisms

Confessions of an Outlaw: A Creativity Workshop, with Philippe Petit

Don Reinertsen: The Big Ideas Behind Lean Product Development
and Thriving in a Stochastic World

Clayton Christensen: Disruptive Innovation Explained

Daniel Kahneman: Thinking fast vs. thinking slow, It's all in your head: How do we really form opinions? and Thinking, fast and slow (talk at Google)

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