01 August 2010

Application Euthanasia - the last IT Taboo?

Our relatively young IT industry is still growing so it’s not surprising that most attention is paid to building information systems. But the reality is that organizations suffer from too many rather than too few applications. The question is why clients aren’t doing enough about it. The answers I hear are about uncertainty. Uncertainty about shutting down an applications that interface with other applications. Uncertainty about how to isolate a small but essential part of an application and move it to a different environment. Uncertainty about how to approach an application demolition project. So it’s not surprising that clients hesitate - rather the mess they’re familiar with than a leap into the unknown. You get more blame for the consequences of taking a decision than the consequences of doing nothing.
But realise that's it's not a rational process, the are relevant irrationalities and irrelevant rationalities to be taken into consideration.
So consultants, tread carefully, application euthanasia is a sensitive subject.

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