25 August 2010

Sex and IT and Rock and Roll

In what other area than drugs do we talk about 'users'? Right. I've recently noticed some strange personal habits. Usually the first thing I do when I wake up is check my mail. If I mishear anything in a conversation I want to spool back a couple of seconds and replay it. I send myself emails. I've been reading my email on the toilet (efficiency!) for so long that I've developed an embarrassing Pavlov reaction when I get lots of mail. And most disturbingly, I can't seem to concentrate for more than 30 seconds to read anything. I'm still halfway through a book I started 18 months ago. The only time I read anything properly is when I'm writing it myself. Am I alone? Don't think so. I've started asking people about their reading habits and have discovered a trend. Not enough time. The pressure of speed of change and susceptibility to sound bites is seducing us into taking unsound decisions. I blame the IT dealers. Google enticing me with "just another little search, it won't hurt you". Twitter tempting me to RT. LinkedIn luring me to make another contact. Addicted? Not me. I can stop anytime I want. Starting tomorrow. Really.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mark,
    I tried to read this blog entry properly within 30 seconds. I failed. In the meantime I received a SMS and an email I had te read first ..... :-)
    Toon van der Werf