04 August 2010

Headache prevents stomach ache

RACI matrices are very useful when organizing the IT management function and fathoming out who is responsible for what. A variation that I like to use is a RACI matrix with four columns:

  • System component
  • Business Information Management (Demand)
  • Application management (Supply)
  • Infrastructure management (Supply)

I get people to list the stuff that comprises an information system, like application modules, scripts, databases, user manuals etc. and use the BIM/AM/IM cells to fill in the RACI responsibilities, e.g. R:Roger, A:Arthur, C:Clara, I:Ingrid. You usually end up with a pretty long list and I give people a packet of aspirin because it's usually gives them a headache working out the responsibilities. But it does prevent stomach ache further down the road because sooner or later you're going to have to know who's responsible for what.

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